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All Saints - The History

W of LAll Saints Church was founded in 1868, as part of the Oxford Movement, then sweeping from Oxford to other parts of the country, a movement that aimed to re-establish the ancient catholic traditions and ceremonials in an Anglican church that they felt had become increasingly disconnected from the original church.

Key features of the Oxford Movement were its recognition of the richness and beauty of worship and prayer, the necessary focus of the church on those in need within our society, and an understanding of openness and human diversity.  Much of this could be seen as a balance that recognised alternatives to conservative and literal scriptural understanding and the dominant power of Whig (political conservatism) attempts to shape structure and revenue streams in the church.
  • Richness and rhythm of worship and prayer
  • Focus on the needs of creation and humankind
  • Recognition of human diversity and openness to all
Anglo-Catholic priests were mainly working in slums and areas of social deprivation.  Preferement in the church for these priests was increasingly rare.  However, from their new ministries, they developed a critique of British social policy, both local and national. One of the results was the establishment of the Christian Social Union where issues such as the just wage, the system of property renting, infant mortality and industrial conditions were debated and translated into action.

All Saints Clifton is a product of this Movement.  We believe that the nature of our worship and our engagement in the needs of society continues to honour the values at the heart of our foundation.

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