Where your money goes....? 

Your Gift Supports the Vision and Work of this Church!
We remain true to the vision that was so well articulated in 1864 at the laying of the Foundation Stone.
At All Saints we continue to keep this vision fresh for each succeeding generation as we engage in the mission of God to:

  • Grow our Faith
  • Connect with each other
  • Connect with the Community 

Good stewardship of people’s giving is a high priority and the financial position and systems of the church are monitored and budgeted.  We also ensure that incoming funds are allocated appropriately to:

  • Key local community projects and mission giving
  • Learning and training
  • Worship and ministry
  • And to ensure that the buildings are maintained for use in worship and as a community asset

 To do this our weekly spend is in the region of £2,200. 
Your giving makes All Saints a living, active church with an important role in the Church of England and in the nearer and wider community.