Life is not always straightforward.

Confessions are heard on Saturday morning at 10.00am or at any other time arranged through the ASC Office.

Home Communion
Communion is regularly taken to homes and to our Bristol Hospitals for those who are unable to attend church.  Please do not hesitate to contact us to let us know if you or someone you care for would like to receive communion this way.

Early Worship
This is a short (30 minutes) act of worship each Sunday at 9.00 am.  It is open to all who want to attend a shorter, earlier service.

Friends Together Dementia Cafe
We also have our 'Friends Together', a dementia accessible Cafe for carers, elderly and those living with dementia - this has been suspended currently due to the Covid risk assessment.  See the Church Calendar for more details.

Home Blessings
Often, when people and families move into a new house or flat they request a 'Home Blessing'.  We are very pleased to be able to do this for you and it provides a rather special element of liturgy and prayer marking a life change.  

Please contact the Church Office to arrange to contact a priest for confessions, blessings, home communion or any other assistance that one of our team can offer you.